Monday Photographs #22, #23 & #24

I’ve been away again through a combination of leave and family visits, so here’s a catch up post: Autumn is well and truly here, but that hasn’t affected our running.

Wk#22 – speed reps in the rain


Across the river from where we live there is this narrow lane leading to some alotments via a number of stables and the local cemetary. We include it in most of our walks and runs, and it’s where I do most of my speeds reps, as it’s flat and the traffic is sparce. This is the start / finish line for my 400m and 200m reps.

Wk #23 – Huncote BMX track hill reps


Philip’s love afair with hills continues unabated – here he is charging up part of the Huncote (older) BMX track: I counted at least 5 uphill reps, each followed by downhill effort before he returned to the flat for an all-effort run! I should have the “easy run” conversation with him soon…

Wk #24 – Autumnal LR

I had had three bad running weekends in a row: the lurgy, a bad back and stomach cramps co-ordinated so I couldn’t complete a decent long run since the start of September! After last weekend especially (where I had to turn back 8km in), I was feeling a bit apprehensive at the thought of a 13 mile progression LR.

Thankfully it all clicked together, I put the 90 Minute Run guided run on the NRC+ app and availed myself of the wit and wisdom of Nike Running Global Head Coach Chris Bennett!

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