The Year To Come

To say that we are all preparing to breathe a collective sigh of relief at the end of 2020 is probably an understatement! So as 2021 is about to dawn, full with promises of vaccines to end the pandemic, a release from the lockdown that has kept us away from our loved ones (and I…

Run to Ancient Karthea

When I first walked to the ancient city of Karthea in my 20s I felt transported in an Indiana Jones film! 20-odd years later, I run down the same trail.

Not Running

It is Sunday afternoon and I am lying in the new hammock, next to our quiet canal. I can feel the warm sunlight on my skin; there is still a whiff of charcoal and grilled meat in the air. The only sensation close to discomfort is from Philip’s long lockdown hair rubbing on my bare…

Monday Photograph #52

As a child I had a fascination with wild places, and in particular forests. Probably a combination of being exposed to them as magical places where adventure took place (I am of the Smurf and Asterix generation after all!) and their relative rarity in Athens where I grew up! One of the very few memories…

Monday Photographs #44 & #45

The week that was, was sandwiched between two Long Runs: A 19 mi one (31 km) in the dusk then dark on Monday (owed from the Sunday of the week before) and a 20 mi one (32.2 km) in the mist then sun on the Sunday: They were both hard and absolutely fascinating, each in…

What did 2018 ever do for us?

With no marathons ran in #2018 and only the 1 finisher’s medal, whatever did #2018 do for me? Featuring @Nikerunning @Bennetrun @andypuddicombe @suunto and @Polarglobal and #DehesaDeLaVilla

Monday Photograph #9

The photo of the week that was… …and this time it is three for the price of one, to compensate you for the recent lack of other content:

My first time

Prompted by a phrase in a BBCSport article by Tom Fordyce, my own frank, at times personal and certainly nostalgic look at why my first marathon is unlikely to be replicated; and why I keep trying regardless!