Monday Photographs #44 & #45


The week that was, was sandwiched between two Long Runs: A 19 mi one (31 km) in the dusk then dark on Monday (owed from the Sunday of the week before) and a 20 mi one (32.2 km) in the mist then sun on the Sunday:

They were both hard and absolutely fascinating, each in its own way, but crucially they are done: I’m sticking to this distance for my preparation for the Prague Marathon in May, just adding some speedwork into them and more structured progressions culminating at marathon pace.

One of the runs that provided the filling to that sandwich was the Braunstone Parkun, where I had my 2017 Ashby 20 hoody nicked! My wife managed to take this photo of the culprit, but recovering it after the race was another matter:


There’s nothing to it, I’ll have to go out and earn myself another one this year! Hopefully it will be beige in colour, and unappealing to the marauding youths of Braunstone Park! 

…happy running!


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