Snowdonia Marathon Eryri review

I love the colour and noise of a large city marathon, but could I do it on a cold, rainy morning in Llanberis? My experience of Snowdonia Marathon!

Happy Ashby!

Good luck to everyone running, supporting, volunteering and of course organising Ashby 20 today! Let’s go earn ourselves some cobs!

Κυριακίδεια (Kyriakideia) 2019

“By the way, the Filothei run is 95% flat, we just learnt!” my sister wrote excitedly, referring to the 10k race she had roped me into on the occasion of my visit to Greece in January. I was hesitant to enter at first, as we would only be there for the week, with loads of…

Monday Photograph #36

Happy New Year 2019! The week that was ended with the wonderfully muddy affair that is the Huncote Hash! There was fancy dress, slippery slopes, cold brooks and hot soup (the best tasting soup is served after the Hash, a bit like the world’s best cobs are served after Ashby 20), but above all a…

Derby 10 mile review

Where instead of consolidating my good, even pacing from Leicester half, I was chased around a two hundred-year-old castle by a thirty-odd-year-old ghost!

Learning from not only mistakes

They say one should learn from one’s mistakes, but I think there is also much to learn when things go well too. Instead, the temptation is often to congratulate ourselves for our – wholly deserved, we are sure – success instead of critically examining what happened and see whether there is anything we can learn…