Monday Photos 2021 #10: “Fruits of our Labours”


I’ve been kept away from blogging and running by a stupid chest infection which seemed to take all wind out of my sails, but with that behind me, I’d like to pick up where I left off: half-way through my first brickwork project, building a BBQ in time for the Greek Easter (which this year coincided with the May Day Bank Holiday)!

It’s safe to say that it was an eye-opener in more ways than one: it was the first time since I put in a full day’s worth of manual work since my military service, when I was 20 years younger. It was enjoyable, great for the soul, but back-breaking! Also, I don’t think that inhaling cement dust made the chest infection any milder…

But the result was absolutely worth the effort and coughing fits: While it won’t win any building awards and it still needs a course of finishing bricks to top it off, it didn’t collapse upon use, was functional and even accommodated the rotisserie I had got for it!

And best of all, we got to enjoy it with good, old (in more sense than one!😋) friends:

And of course the special mention has to go to Flackies butchers in Blaby, for the excellent quality meat they supplied – as per usual! The mango and coconut sausages were to die for (no really!)

Happy running (and eating) peeps!

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