Monday Photograph #6

Could the summer be here for good? It was certainly a week to spend as long as possible outdoors and go galivanting by the stream!

Monday Photograph #5

Philip’s tour of European capitals continues and last week it was London! Great to see good friends, drink good beer and only be rained upon one day!

Monday Photograph #4

New toy! I mean… serious training gear! Having had enough of the vagaries of my Garmin 920XT and its Ant+ connectivity issues, I decided to move to the Suunto ecosystem, so I got myself the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR (catchy!). First impressions? I regret the lack of proper custom workouts (that Garmin supported), but…

Monday Photograph #3

Today’s photo is from our boys’ road trip to Paris this weekend! Dash has already proved himself an exceptional travel dog, but I was very proud (and relieved!) to discover that his younger human brother also travels well. Here’s to many more miles – and memories – together! Next time we may even take mummy…

Monday Photograph #2

The most memorable photo of the week has to be encountering a crayfish along the Grand Union Canal towpath! In all my years running and walking along towpaths, this is the first time I see one, and the fact that I was able to capture the instant is an extra bonus!

Monday Photograph #1

Inspired by the various photography challenges that we come across in Facebook and otherwise, I decided to introduce a “Monday Photograph” feature in my blog: Every Monday, I will post a photo that summarises the week that ended. Today I give you the fluorescent runner-commuter! A fuller post about my experience will be with you…