Monday Photos 2021 #07: “A Tale of Two Runs”

It’s usually the other way round: The longish run in Bradgate Park and Swithland Woods is the one that is good for my soul and photo collection (whatever it might do to my body!), while the shorter, easier runs within a 2 mi radious from home are my bread and butter runs: very important building bocks of my training (although it took me a while to appreciate them), but I don’t expect them to be memorable in any way.

Last week though the roles where reversed: My longish Braggy run felt far harder than it ought to; I felt weak and my stomach was uncomfortable throughout, while next day’s jaunt round Bouskell Park and thereabouts was a refreshing dive in the colours of a beautiful sunset, allowing me to finish off the week with a big smile on my face!

Happy running peeps!

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