Monday Photograph #11

The photo of the week that was… One of the features I like about my new Suunto Spartan Trainer is the watchface which shows you the sunset and sunrise times. It also represents the daylight and dusk hours as an arch surrounding the face (the yellow, orange and red sections above). This photo was taken…

Monday Photograph #10

The photo of the week that was… …photo courtesy of Kyriakos. And this is how it’s been feeling a bit of late, nothing pretty, just head down and carrying on with carrying on. I’m not training for anything or even following any sort of plan, just trying to keep momentum and not fall into the…

Monday Photograph #9

The photo of the week that was… …and this time it is three for the price of one, to compensate you for the recent lack of other content:

Monday Photograph #8

The photo of the week that was… …this week two for the price of one! This week started with a trail run in the Peak District with Kyriakos on Bank Holiday Monday, and ended with a bike ride in the same part of the world with David yesterday! Amazingly the weather was perfect on both…

Monday Photograph #7

The photo of the week that was… …moved to Tuesday due to the Bank Holiday. The theme of today’s post is friend appreciation: the photo is the view from Kostas’ and Eleni’s local in the big smoke, taken when they were putting me up last week.

A better Race Time Predictor!

I only run on average one marathon a year, but as I alluded to in a previous post (“my first time“), running the marathon distance was what helped me develop a running habit in the first place; and the way in which I continue to validate myself as a marathon runner. You can imagine my surprise…

Monday Photograph #6

Could the summer be here for good? It was certainly a week to spend as long as possible outdoors and go galivanting by the stream!

Monday Photograph #5

Philip’s tour of European capitals continues and last week it was London! Great to see good friends, drink good beer and only be rained upon one day!

Characters #1

At the last two years of primary school, we had a teacher who used to walk and sometimes even – imagine! – run to our school with ankle weights on. Naturally, we all thought he was a bit weird. To make matters worse, on the days he walked rather than run, he would often do…

Monday Photograph #4

New toy! I mean… serious training gear! Having had enough of the vagaries of my Garmin 920XT and its Ant+ connectivity issues, I decided to move to the Suunto ecosystem, so I got myself the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR (catchy!). First impressions? I regret the lack of proper custom workouts (that Garmin supported), but…