Monday Photograph 2020 #02

Snowdonia Marathon is unique (amongst other things) in not handing out a finisher medal, but a finisher slate coaster instead. A lovely touch I find, particularly as it is sourced locally so you end up with a small piece of the mountain that took so much out of you, but it doesn’t make it easy…

Monday Photograph 2020 #01

Monday Photographs are back with a menace, and the first one of the New Year is of a book Philip and I have been devouring over the Christmas period! It is a fascinating book, beautifully written and disarmingly honest! I still have one chapter to go, but I would wholeheartedly recommend it as an extremely…

Με την "σχεδία" στον Αυθεντικό Μαραθώνιο του 2019

Γράφτηκα στον Μαραθώνιο της Αθήνας του 2019 γιατι θα ήταν ο πρώτος που θα έτρεχε η (μεγάλη πια) μικρή μου αδερφή Αλεξία, και ήθελα να είμαι εκεί όταν θα τον τερμάτιζε. Αλλά επέλεξα να τον τρέξω (όπως τον έτρεξα τέλος πάντων) με την ομάδα της “σχεδίας”, γιατι με συγκινούνε οι προσπάθειες της να βοηθήσει τους…

Snowdonia Marathon Eryri review

I love the colour and noise of a large city marathon, but could I do it on a cold, rainy morning in Llanberis? My experience of Snowdonia Marathon!

Monday Photograph #53

Have you heard the story of Tsutomu Yamaguchi, the only man to have survived both atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Prepare now for the story of Demi Tsekrekou, one of many to have survived the cancellation of both half marathons in Leicester and Peterborough!

Three Fires

What is the connection between a half-forgotten Disney comic book story and a 43-year old marathon runner’s annual racing plan?

Ashby 20 mile 2019 Review

I sang the praises of the Ashby 20 Mile race in my 2017 review, thinking it could get no better, but after 2018’s cancelation due to snow, this year saw it return stronger and add: Greater involvement of the local community and businesses: It’s almost as if more local businesses recognised that the arrival of…

Happy Ashby!

Good luck to everyone running, supporting, volunteering and of course organising Ashby 20 today! Let’s go earn ourselves some cobs!