Three Fires

What is the connection between a half-forgotten Disney comic book story and a 43-year old marathon runner’s annual racing plan?

Ashby 20 mile 2019 Review

I sang the praises of the Ashby 20 Mile race in my 2017 review, thinking it could get no better, but after 2018’s cancelation due to snow, this year saw it return stronger and add: Greater involvement of the local community and businesses: It’s almost as if more local businesses recognised that the arrival of…

Happy Ashby!

Good luck to everyone running, supporting, volunteering and of course organising Ashby 20 today! Let’s go earn ourselves some cobs!

Κυριακίδεια (Kyriakideia) 2019

“By the way, the Filothei run is 95% flat, we just learnt!” my sister wrote excitedly, referring to the 10k race she had roped me into on the occasion of my visit to Greece in January. I was hesitant to enter at first, as we would only be there for the week, with loads of…

Monday Photographs #44 & #45

The week that was, was sandwiched between two Long Runs: A 19 mi one (31 km) in the dusk then dark on Monday (owed from the Sunday of the week before) and a 20 mi one (32.2 km) in the mist then sun on the Sunday: They were both hard and absolutely fascinating, each in…

Monday Photographs #42 & #43

Having missed the second due to holidays, I was back for Chris’ third coaching session, and the last one before his coaching qualification. It was a lovely winter’s day, so we decided to attend as a family. I had visions of Philip running with Demi outside of the makeshift track Chris had set out on…

Monday Photographs #40 & #41

The photos from the weeks that were have a Greek theme to them: We flew over to see family, take part in a 10k race and play the tourists: We are now safely back, and scrambling to get out of lazy holiday mode and resume our respective training programmes!.. …happy running!

Monday Photograph #39

Another week of Spring marathon training, more night running and photos: The shot of the tree was at the start point of my hill reps, around the corner from home, while the canal was much further away – taken on Sunday’s 16 mile (26km) long run. I had left it late-ish in the day to…

Monday Photograph #38

The big event of last week? The arrival of my brand new pair of Kinvara 10! And if they look familiar, that’s no surprise, it’s a special edition commemorating the design of the very first Kinvara which eased many of us (me included) in the world of minimal shoes! I’ll be writing more about these…

What did 2018 ever do for us?

With no marathons ran in #2018 and only the 1 finisher’s medal, whatever did #2018 do for me? Featuring @Nikerunning @Bennetrun @andypuddicombe @suunto and @Polarglobal and #DehesaDeLaVilla