London Marathon for the Children’s Society

The 2021 London Marathon isn’t for another 6 months and two weeks, but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to start building a decent base fitness: gradually upping the mileage, strengthening all the parts of me that I know will hurt the most ¾ into the longer training runs (I’m looking at you hips!) and shedding the lockdown padding.

11 marathons between them… and counting!

Nor is it too soon to start fundraising for the charity I will be running for: The Children’s Society: Having been blessed with a great childhood myself, there are few beliefs that I hold more profoundly than that:

Whatever may be happening in the Big Bad World, every child and young person deserves a good childhood!

We all know that unfortunately it doesn’t always work like that. Which is why I am so proud and excited to be supporting the Children’s Society in their fight for the hope and happiness of young people when it’s threatened by abuse, exploitation and neglect.

Of course I cannot do it alone: In my corner I have an amazing coach, a family who loves me even when I come home covered in mud and sweat and, I hope, you too. So please, head over to my JustGiving page and give generously!

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