Monday Photos 2021 #04

It took me three weeks since my last LR, but I finally went out again for a lovely run in and about Bradgate Park on Saturday. The mud was especially wet and squashy, and the wind of the kind that builds waves in puddles! My least favourite bit was the sideways hale, but occasionally the clouds flew past to give a glimpse of a wonderfully blue sky:

I was a route I hadn’t ran before, kindly offered by Chris who shared it as a .gpx, so I could follow it on my watch. Even so, I managed to run it the wrong way round, and occasionally on the wrong side of the Bradgate Park fence…

At 13.4 miles (21.5km) it was longer than I had ran for over a year, and the conditions meant that it took me a full 2h 36′ to get round, so some decent time on feet there!

With thanks to Demi who was ok, supportive even, with me disappearing for the morning of her birthday to cover myself in mud and sweat!

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