Monday Photograph #9

The photo of the week that was…

…and this time it is three for the price of one, to compensate you for the recent lack of other content:

As you will have noticed, blogging and scheduled running (i.e. following a programme) fell by the wayside over the past few weeks. Demi and Philip had gone on holidays, so this was my opportunity to do stuff I wouldn’t choose to if they were here (hence the excursions to the Peaks) and get on with building a fence to the side of our house, to prevent Philip from taking his love for the water… to the canal!


I’m pleased to report that most of the family are now reunited (Dash, our German Pointer’s holidays will last another month or so), the fence is up (thanks to great help from Kyriakos and Zacharias) and we are back to normal!

So it was a steady LR yesterday to get me back into the swing of things…


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