Monday Photograph #9

The photo of the week that was… …and this time it is three for the price of one, to compensate you for the recent lack of other content:

Monday Photograph #8

The photo of the week that was… …this week two for the price of one! This week started with a trail run in the Peak District with Kyriakos on Bank Holiday Monday, and ended with a bike ride in the same part of the world with David yesterday! Amazingly the weather was perfect on both…

Monday Photograph #7

The photo of the week that was… …moved to Tuesday due to the Bank Holiday. The theme of today’s post is friend appreciation: the photo is the view from Kostas’ and Eleni’s local in the big smoke, taken when they were putting me up last week.

Monday Photograph #6

Could the summer be here for good? It was certainly a week to spend as long as possible outdoors and go galivanting by the stream!


(Summertime – for some reason this post’s title only felt right in Greek!) We came back to England from our holidays to find summer ripened; the fields have lost their bright green colour and turned yellow and the roads are still empty. I did very little running while I was away: The Penny Marathon, of course,…

Summer running

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a month and a half since my last blog post! A number of distractions have kept me away from my keyboard all this time, but I’m pleased to report that I have at least filled the days with lots and lots of happy running! As previously advertised, I’ve…

Long Live the Long Days!

With Manchester Marathon out of the way, and after the requisite period of recovery, binge eating and taking frequent naps on my laurels, I’m back in training. I’ve no race lined up, but the past year has certainly been a long slog, spent primarily in recovery mode: recovering from last Springs’ reverses, letting myself go (certainly as far…