Monday Photograph #27

Autumn has turned from the “golden leaf and crisp evening” type to the more usual “pouring it down like there’s no tomorrow” type which we are acustumed to in the UK… But in spite of the weather the whole family has been out running:   Daddy runner came within 10” of his half-marathon PB on…

Monday Photograph #26

We are getting into autumn proper now, and I made a point of thoroughly enjoying it last week: We went out splashing in puddles, running through an empty Bradgate Park and meandering through dark woods at dusk!   The relive video is here: Happy running!    

Monday Photographs #22, #23 & #24

I’ve been away again through a combination of leave and family visits, so here’s a catch up post: Autumn is well and truly here, but that hasn’t affected our running. Wk#22 – speed reps in the rain Across the river from where we live there is this narrow lane leading to some alotments via a…

Monday Photograph #21

The dreaded lurgy might have scuppered my plans to run the John Frazer 10 on Sunday, but fortunately we weren’t a runner-less family all weekend: Man-flu is on the way out, you’ll be pleased to hear, and I went out for what must count as my first autumn run: heavy skies, rain, and fading light.