What is your measure of success?

What do runners talk about when running? Occasionally about how much better they could be “if only…” but are such thoughts helpful? Are they even valid?

Or are they missing something?

Monday Photograph #53

Have you heard the story of Tsutomu Yamaguchi, the only man to have survived both atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Prepare now for the story of Demi Tsekrekou, one of many to have survived the cancellation of both half marathons in Leicester and Peterborough!

Monday Photograph #52

As a child I had a fascination with wild places, and in particular forests. Probably a combination of being exposed to them as magical places where adventure took place (I am of the Smurf and Asterix generation after all!) and their relative rarity in Athens where I grew up! One of the very few memories…

Monday Photograph #33

The week that was saw the last road race of 2018 and my first ever 10-miler: I missed out on John Frazer 10 in September with the lurgy, but made up for it with Derby 10 on Sunday (25 Nov). Full review to follow, but a very civilised affair that even offered pre and post…

Monday Photograph #31

Family running business continued this week: Demi completed week 6 of her couch (back)-to 5k programme with a 25′ run taking in that Braunstone parkrun hill; Philip did pushchair / run reps; and Daddy continued working on his dodgy ankle (I now have an old injury story – hurray!) and then went out and did what…

Monday Photographs #29 & #30

It has been another very busy couple of weeks, which have kept me away from my blog – and so much more besides! It’s a shame, because there is loads I want to write about, including: 1) a review of the Leicester half-marathon on 14 October; 2) some thoughts about running during a work trip…

Monday Photograph #28

I was in Madrid for work over a three day period last week, and cheekily stuffed my  running kit in my hand luggage. No one was one more surprised than me that I actually came round to use it, but that may be the story for another post! Nice as it was, I’m pleased to…

Monday Photograph #27

Autumn has turned from the “golden leaf and crisp evening” type to the more usual “pouring it down like there’s no tomorrow” type which we are acustumed to in the UK… But in spite of the weather the whole family has been out running:   Daddy runner came within 10” of his half-marathon PB on…

Monday Photograph #26

We are getting into autumn proper now, and I made a point of thoroughly enjoying it last week: We went out splashing in puddles, running through an empty Bradgate Park and meandering through dark woods at dusk!   The relive video is here: https://www.relive.cc/view/1891545083 Happy running!