Monday Photograph #53

Have you heard the story of Tsutomu Yamaguchi, the only man to have survived both atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? He lived in Nagasaki, but was in Hiroshima on business when the first bomb went off. He then returned to Nagasaki the following day (as a UK commuter, the fact that rail services from Hiroshima were operational after an atomic bomb explosion is the most unbelievable part of the story!), and was back to work two days later (!) when the second bomb went off! He was recognised as a “hibakusha” (explosion-affected person) of the Nagasaki explosion in 1957, and of both explosions in 2009.

Prepare now for the story of Demi Tsekrekou, one of many to have survived the cancellation of both half marathons in Leicester and Peterborough: Having returned to running a year ago after a three-year absence, she initially trained for a Parkrun, then a 10k, a new 5 mile PB (on a tough course) and finally for her first half marathon in Leicester on 6 October. She smashed her training (which included numerous progression / interval long runs above race distance), so was gutted when the Leicester Half and Full marathons were cancelled due to flooding on the course…

…undeterred, she signed up to the Great Eastern Run in Peterborough the week after: only for that too to be cancelled, due to “a man behaving suspiciously on the course” (no, it wasn’t me!)

The best thing with the second cancellation was that it happened 40′ after the scheduled start time, so Demi and her support crew (Philip & daddy) were all treated to a thorough soaking from the moment we arrived till the moment we pilled back in the car 3 1/2 hours later!..

So while her quest for her first official half marathon time may continue, this is certainly a time to celebrate: not just the races she has run over the past year, the PBs she has set, the longest distances achieved, pounds shed… but above all the way she has turned running from something she does, to what she is!

We are very proud of you mummy!

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