Monday Photographs #29 & #30


It has been another very busy couple of weeks, which have kept me away from my blog – and so much more besides! It’s a shame, because there is loads I want to write about, including:

1) a review of the Leicester half-marathon on 14 October;

2) some thoughts about running during a work trip to Madrid; and

3) a review of the NRC+ app, which I used to train for the Leicester half, and which I still use for its guided runs.

I’ll try my best to start putting some words together for at least one of the above this week, but in the mean time I leave you with a selection of photos from the past couple of weeks, including our little pumpkin’s first trick or treat expedition (he was more excited about knocking on people’s doors than the treats!) and yesterday’s long run passing the memorial to the five victims of the helicopter crash outside the King Power stadium – even early on a Sunday morning there were a few people gathered, including small groups of runners pausing their runs to pay their respects.

Happy running!

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