Monday Photograph #25

I sometimes daydream that when my hard work finally earns me a fortune / stumble across a winning lottery ticket / Brexit completes and we are rolling in the untold riches we have each been promised (select according to you personal beliefs), I will open a little taverna on an uninhabitted corner of a large mediterranean island. It will be called “The Runner’s Repose” and this will be on the menu:

I cooked that particular steak after another decent 13 mile progression run yesterday – the last one before I taper for Leicester half marathon on the 14th October. It’s a Gordon Ramsey recipe, which you can find here. It goes very well with chunky oven fried chips with red onion and garlic, the recipe to which is here.

At this point I wanted to embed my activity on Strava or Relive, but WordPress limitations mean I can’t… if you are curious to find out what I was up to, you can find it here.

Happy running!



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