Summer Solstice

The weather of late has been more conductive to sipping wine or (in my case) gulping beer by the bbq than sweating it out on the trails, and that has begun to show not only on the suspicion of a tan, but unfortunately also on my scales and the Strava fitness metric I’m beginning to pay attention to… Still, it all made for a lovely father’s day weekend, and Philip gave me a lovely present to remember my first marathon as a new dad by!

Last week’s Parkrun was a hot sufferfest (we were sweating before we even started running!), and the first half of the week was far too hot for me to even contemplate running; I did toy with the idea of taking advantage of the long days to go out for a late evening one, but with our bedtimes dictated by young Philip, so that didn’t happen. Which all meant that June was going to be quite a bad month running-wise, but not all is lost: I incorporated a one-mile effort in yesterday’s comfortable run, motivated by Strava’s #MyMile challenge, and set a new PB! This is meaningful as my previous PB was set over 3 ½ years ago, at around the time when I set my 5k, 5m and 10k PBs which still stand… and which (in the case of the 5k PB) I am edging ever closer to! Who is a happy runner? Who? Good boy!

There is no Parkrun running for Kyriako and I this Saturday, as there was a shortage of volunteers, so we decided to do our bit and help out: instead we will try to fit in a Muddy Saturday run beforehand, to get our trail running fix and to see the world from the top of Croft Hill again! It’s going to be another early morning…

And to top it all, our jasmine is feeling at home, flourishing and beginning to fill our evenings with its scent! Lets get our act together now, and make this summer count!

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