Post London Post!

And all of a sudden… it’s done!

It will probably take me a while to process all the emotions, sights and sounds of the London Marathon weekend and even longer to write coherently about them.

But I did not want to delay thanking every one of you for your amazing support over the past few months, whether it was to help with my fundraising, offer me encouragement when things weren’t going too well, or compliment us over little Philip.

I was able to achieve my goal of enjoying the unique opportunity I was given to run London: it was a spectacular event and I absolutely loved every minute of it… yes, even when the going got seriously tough, and I began to wonder whether it would be failing legs or stomach cramps that would be my undoing!

For the record, I finished in an official time of 03:42:18, which I am very pleased with, even if I missed out on a PB by… 30’’! But sometimes it is the how you run that means more to you than the how fast you run, and for reasons which I haven’t quite put my finger on yet, I felt very happy with my performance on Sunday!

More detailed post about London to follow, watch this blog!



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