Exciting News!

Having resolved in April to concentrate on 10k and, at a stretch, half-marathons for the foreseeable future, I have allowed my rubber arm to be twisted and accepted a charity place in the 2017 Virgin London Marathon!!! How great is that?

I will be running in support of the London Transport Museum, and particular their “Enjoyment to Employment” programme, which aims to turn children’s love of transport (and I know that as a child I spent more of my disposable income on electric train sets than I currently do on running shoes and races; and that’s saying something!) into viable career options when they grow up.

In a separate twist, some of you will know that Demi and I are expecting our first baby sometime around Xmas, so my training for London will be on sleepless nights and with the added challenge of raising a toddler 400 miles from our closest family…

So watch this space for further updates on the London Transport Museum, its “Enjoyment to Employment” Programme and my own training and fundraising.

But most of all prepare to be regaled with (what I expect will be) a cautionary tale of my attempt to juggle all these plates from now to April 23rd!

I leave you with a tune that has been in my mind since I found out I had got the place…

…while I’m off to research a suitable training plan!


(This post’s featured Image © TfL, from London Transport Museum Collection). Visit them at www.ltmuseum.co.uk.

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