Monday Photograph #34

The week that was certainly belonged to Demi: She graduated from her Couch 2 5k programme (or in her case, “Childbirth back to 5k”) by taking part in Braunstone Parkrun #420 and absolutely smashing it! 

Philip and I volunteered as marshals so we could be there to cheer her on, and were posted at the bottom of the hill, just where the routes of the two laps separate. That way we got to see her twice and see for ourselves that her smile on lap 2 was greater than it was on lap 1 (which somehow never happens when I run it…)

The really scary thing though is that she is now bitten by the running bug in a way she never was before, but then again with fans like this who wouldn’t:

So well done mummy, keep it up, and happy running to us all!

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