Recipes wanted!

Speaking with a good friend, I got the idea of putting together a recipe book and sell it to help with my marathon fundraising! The exact shape and content of the book is still coming together, but I see it containing 26 different recipes (one for each marathon mile) from around the world, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of the city in which we will be running!

More details of this to follow, but if you have a recipe which you would like to donate to the cause, I will be very happy to hear about it! Either fill in the form below, or email it to me by clicking here. Please make sure you send it by Sunday 20 February, to allow us time to put the whole thing together!

Full credit will be given to the contributor of published recipes, so make sure you fill in your details below (or let me know if you would prefer to not be named).

And remember, my fundraising page can be found at: Every contribution you make is making a huge difference to my effort, and I am really grateful!

I’ll be back with further posts with training updates, the challenges of marathon training as a new dad and a review of my new shoes, but now it is for you to contribute:


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