Snowdonia Marathon Eryri review

I love the colour and noise of a large city marathon, but could I do it on a cold, rainy morning in Llanberis? My experience of Snowdonia Marathon!

Learning from not only mistakes

They say one should learn from one’s mistakes, but I think there is also much to learn when things go well too. Instead, the temptation is often to congratulate ourselves for our – wholly deserved, we are sure – success instead of critically examining what happened and see whether there is anything we can learn…

Monday Photograph #19

A photo from the week that was: A return to Parkrun! It’s difficult for me to make it to Parkrun these days, and this Saturday was only the second time I took part this year! I was hoping that my run of decent performances (Joy Cann 5, Carl Rutt 10k) would continue, but the result…

Monday Photograph #18

A photo from the week that was: Another race-themed one! It obviously wasn’t me who took this photo, it was taken by Chris Upton during Sunday’s Carl Rutt 10k. I spent a lot of the race running with Marie (#212), Tina (#66) and Gary (#164), eventually finishing within 13” (gun time) or 20” (chip time)…

Joy Cann 5, 2018

I said in my last post that as much as I would like them to, PBs were not going to happen in the races I had planned for the rest of summer / autumn. And true enough, there was no 5-mile PB for me in the Joy Cann 5 yesterday. However… But lets start from…

Monday Photograph #17

A photo from the week that was: all smiles at the starting line of Joy Cann 5! I looked a bit less fresh 35 minutes later, but I was still smiling!

Away to the races!

This week marks the beginning of a period of racing for which I haven’t really trained! I entered a number of races a couple of months ago, partly in hope that I would be training more regularly than I have, but mainly because they are all close to me and organised by local running clubs….

A better Race Time Predictor!

I only run on average one marathon a year, but as I alluded to in a previous post (“my first time“), running the marathon distance was what helped me develop a running habit in the first place; and the way in which I continue to validate myself as a marathon runner. You can imagine my surprise…

2017 Ashby 20 Race Review

The whole affair manages to combine the friendliness of a club run with the atmosphere of a village fête and the smooth organisation you would expect from an IAAF Diamond League event!

Mind Games

We all know that our mental state and the various voices in our head can have a huge impact on our running: How we perform in a race, whether we complete that challenging tempo / long run or not, or how much we enjoy a shorter comfortable run: all to a great extent depend on…