Muddy Saturdays never disappoint!

Boys grow up (to the extent that they ever do) convinced that muddy legs and grazed knees exude an air of – dare I say heroic- adventures:

They then marry to have it explained to them that it’s just muck! 😃

(To be fair, I did stink!)

The run itself was a muddy Saturday classic: the trails had overgrown and lengthy sapping uphills through long grass alternated with exhilarating sharp downhills, roots and mud underfoot and low branches overhead: a great core workout, as long as you didn’t go over an ankle, or get a branch whack you in the face!

We avoided both perils, made a show of a strong uphill finish to the flag and went to our respective homes to start the washing down process…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nick says:

    Perfect! Long may they continue!


    1. Leonard says:

      Yep! If all goes we’ll sort the logistics out and ad a bit more variety!


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