What did 2018 ever do for us?

With no marathons ran in #2018 and only the 1 finisher’s medal, whatever did #2018 do for me? Featuring @Nikerunning @Bennetrun @andypuddicombe @suunto and @Polarglobal and #DehesaDeLaVilla

Derby 10 mile review

Where instead of consolidating my good, even pacing from Leicester half, I was chased around a two hundred-year-old castle by a thirty-odd-year-old ghost!

Leicester Half 2018

It’s been over a month since the 2018 Leicester half and I’ve only now found the opportunity to put a bit of a write-up together. I’m determined to catch up though, and hopefully this will bring back memories to the many thousands who took part in the whole and half marathon races and the relay…